Vehicle Financing

Our team provides vehicle financing options for both New and Pre-owned Vehicles. 

The first step is to complete our online application form! Once we have your application or finance manager will work to get you a pre-approval!

Once we have the approval we will look at different vehicle options with you to help you pick the perfect vehicle with comfortable biweekly or monthly payments!


Vehicle Customization

After you purchase a vehicle with Polar Auto Sales we also help you customize the vehicle anyway you like.

We will help you work with our experienced accessories team to add winter tires, remote start, or anything else you may want to personalize your new vehicle!


Vehicle Purchasing

Polar Auto Sales can access a large inventory.  We carry ALL makes and models in both New and Pre-owned Conditions. 

When purchasing a vehicle you can choose whether you would like to finance the vehicle or whether you would prefer to pay for the vehicle in full. 

If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle just let us know what kind of a vehicle you want and our team will find you options!


Credit Education

If you were not able to get approved for a vehicle our team will work with you to help you build your credit!

We provide free credit reports and free credit education on how to fix your credit standing for a future vehicle purcahse!


Vehicle Delivery

Our team is experienced shipping vehicles Canada Wide. 

If you live in Nunavut or Nunavik we work with an auto-hauler company and NEAS to ship your vehicle.  We take care of all these arrangements for you!

If you live on a Winter Road we have experienced drivers to get your vehicle to your community safely during the ice road season.


Trade Ins

Polar Auto Sales also accepts trade ins!

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle please contact us and we will be happy to help you trade in your current vehicle for something shiny and new!

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