WOW! $500 Just like that! 

Here at Polar Auto Sales, we pay our customers up to $500 when they send us their friends!  Don't miss out on the opportunity to make some easy money!

People Helping People.

Example: If you have 100+/- friends on social media and over the next year, 10 or 20 friends purchase a vehicle from Just by helping a friend, You could receive:

  • 10 referrals : 10X $500.00=  $5000 
  •  20 referrals :  20X $500.00= $10.000

If you have 1000+/- friends on social media, helping a friend also helps you.

Then you could reach even better results if only

  •  100 referrals : 100x $500.00  = $50.000
  •  200 referrals : 200x $500.00  = $100.000

With our quality service, Quick Approval, Delivery anywhere in Canada. This is a great way to help friends and family and get paid for it!

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